Mission Statement

The Alliance Française de Naples, Florida, was founded in May 1993 and is affiliated with the Alliance Française de Paris .  This organization is dedicated to promoting the French language, literature, history and culture and to encouraging French-American cultural exchange and friendship.

L’Alliance Française de Paris a pour mission de promouvoir la langue et les cultures française et francophones, et d’encourager les échanges culturels, intellectuels et artistiques entre les Etats-Unis et le monde francophone.

The Alliance Française in the United States is part of the century-old, worldwide network that was established at the Alliance Française de Paris in 1883.  The first chapter in the United States was established in 1888, and today there are 150 chapters in 45 states which serve over 35,000 members.  The Alliance Française de Naples receives no government subsidies and has no political affiliation.  It operates solely on the basis of annual membership dues and the generosity of its benefactors.  Its programs are open to all interested persons.   Our chapter has an active membership composed of francophiles and francophones.  There is no requirement of a knowledge level of the French language.

The  Alliance Française de Naples, Florida, has over 150 members who are encouraged to participate in the organzition’s various activities held throughout the year.

Here in Naples we are promoting the French language and culture in a relaxed atmosphere, with lots of flexibility, goodwill, regional focus, and fellowship.

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