Membership Enrollment Form

The Naples Chapter operates solely on the basis of annual membership dues and the generosity of its benefactors.  Please use the form below to help support the presence of the French language and culture in Naples, Florida. 

I would like to become a member of Alliance Française de Naples.  

Print this form and send to: 

Alliance Française de Naples, Florida, Inc.
P.O. Box 110075
Naples, FL 34108-0102

Please print.

NAME(S): __________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________
CITY: _______________________________________
STATE: ____________  ZIP CODE:____________
PHONE:________________        CELL PHONE: ________________

e-mail: ________________________________

DATE COMPLETED: ____________________

MEMBERSHIP LEVEL ( please circle)
$55.00/Person                                            $80.00/Couple

$25.00/Student of high school and/or university

$135.00/Patron                                           $250.00/Benefactor

$100.00/Business and $100.00 in kind

Please give us the name of the member who introduced you so that we may thank him/her: ______________________________________________________

Indicate whether or not you wish to receive correspondence during the summer months.

Yes___________ No ___________

Alliance Française de Naples offers the following social activities throughout the year.  Each member is encouraged to help in order to ensure the success of each event.  You do not need to be a full-time resident to help.

Please circle any events and positions in which you are interested.  Specific dates to be announced. 


Nouveau Tasting &
French Showcase
Mardi Gras
Masked  Ball/
Wine Tasting
Fête de Noël/Pot Luck
à la française
Fashion Show &
Fund Raiser/Luncheon
End-of-Season Picnic
General Membership
Célébration du
14 juillet/Dinner